How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

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How to stay healthy while travelling

Of course, it all depends on type of your trip. In exceptional situations, sometimes I also eat things, that I usually avoid to eat.

After all, being invited to the house of locals, who give me instant soup with artificial ingredients, I will not ask them: “Excuse me, is this soup with monosodium glutamate? Could you cook for me whole-grain pasta?”. In such cases, of course I just appreciate what I have, and I even sometimes ask for more (ooops! These are already extreme situations) 😀

On the other side, when I’m going on tour and I know that along the way I won’t be able to buy good food, I always prepare my healthy, travel food kit: fruit, nuts or sliced carrots (…).

As far as possible, I also:
– Eat at regular intervals
– Start my day with huge, very nutritious breakfast
– Drink lots of water (at least 1.5 liters per day) or coconut water
– Avoid junk food
– Buy products from the farmers’ market than at a supermarket
– Get enough sleep
– Explore cities on foot
– Get around cities by bike (not motorbike :P)

And how about you? What are your ways to stay healthy when you travel?

Ps: In the picture very fresh and cheap products bought at local farmers’ market in Portugal.

-Ania Tomczak-